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To unite a community of changemakers to lift, strengthen and sustain our planet and the people it homes.

The Gymshark family is united through the steps we take today to prepare for tomorrow. That’s not only with the weight in our hands or the miles on our feet, but with our goal to do more for the future of our planet and its people.

We know we’re not as good as we can be. But we will be better. We will do better. Because our planet doesn’t have time for empty words, and neither do we.

Sustainability can be complicated and it can mean a lot of different things. For Gymshark, it means three.

These are our goals. And this is how we’re going reach them.

Elevate collection shot in front of a moss wall

We only have one planet. And we need to do more for its future. Our goals are to improve our community’s environment, reduce our environmental impact, and help the Gymshark family do better, too.

Group of athletes cheering on a tennis pitch

We are one community, from supply chain to squat rack. Our goals are to always respect human rights, create safe working spaces, help all workers receive a fair living wage, and stay transparent on the factories we use.

 Gymshark athletes on muscle beach

Instead of taking materials, making products, and then throwing them away, we want to extend our products’ lifecycle and reduce the amount of waste we create. Our goals are to make our products last longer, reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and water, and increase the recyclability of our products.